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Brand New & Biggest, first of its kind activity-based Live Online Event to prepare you for Growth & Amazing Transformation in Direct Selling Business
Multiply Your Income - Upgrade your Skills 
- Master Online & Offline Recruitment
>> NORMAL PRICE RS: 4999/-  <<
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23rd May
10:00AM - 06:00PM
This event will prepare you and your team for Big Results and Business Multiplication by giving you the Right Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset for effective online and offline working.
  • This event will prepare you and your team for big results and business multiplication by giving you the right mindset, skillset, and toolset for effective online, and offline working

  • Recruit an unlimited number of prospects through my personal online and offline techniques

  • How to use Social Media for maximum business results

  • Become a master of Sales Closing

  • Learn the Prospecting secrets of the world’s top income earners

  • How to be a great leader and motivate your team

  • New goal setting system for daily motivation and amazing results

  • Remove all fears and hesitation using NLP techniques

  • Master the secret system that the world’s best Network Marketers use

  • Build a six-figure income while working part-time

  • How to get excellent results from Social Media without paid promotion

  • Build your brand to attract quality prospects and retain your team

  • Make a roadmap for your future right during the event

  • How to build never-ending prospect lists

  • Create your daily working routine for maximum results and efficiency

  • Develop the mindset of the world's greatest Network Marketers

  • New working style after Corona for maximum results

  • How to stay motivated all the time

  • What to do before and after posting on Social Media to recruit more people

  • Ideas to stay focused and committed to your dreams all the time

  • Build a business with the next level of faith and passion


#1 Bestselling Author – 2 Books

Direct Selling Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Master of Personal Transformation, Deepak is on a mission to Inspire & Empower people to be the best they can be. Deepak is an expert in human behavior and success psychology who not only delivers insights, tools, and strategies but also works deep on people’s beliefs and emotions to bring instant change and lasting transformation. Millions of Direct Sellers from 100 plus countries have been achieving their dreams faster with his books, videos, live events, and online courses.
  • 18 Years of Training experience in Direct Selling, Sales, Leadership, Success Psychology, Public Speaking, Communication, New habits and Time management

  • Trained over 10,00,000 Direct Sellers across the globe

  • #1 Bestselling author of 2 books that are most read & recommended guidebooks in entire Direct Selling industry in 6 languages

  • Only author in the world to have 4 books in Top 20 Business Self help books on Amazon

  • Best Direct Selling Trainer of the year 2020 awardee

  • Best Entrepreneurship Trainer & Coach of the Year awardee

  • Followed and trusted by millions in 100+ countries on Social Media

  • International Master NLP Practitioner

  • Trained by World’s Best Trainers and Leaders in USA, Europe, Singapore, Bangkok and India

  • Featured in various magazines including the cover of a prestigious magazine  & Josh Talks Speaker – 2 Times
HUGE 80% Discount on Unleash The Champion In You
First of its kind event in the entire Network Marketing industry
Full-Day Live event with Deepak Bajaj
at lowest ever price
Latest Tools & Techniques that will work
in the current Covid situation
All key areas for online and offline business building are covered in one single event
Unique Activity-based methodology for accelerated learning and powerful transformation
You will work with Deepak directly with a workbook specially designed for the event
Live Q & A with Deepak during the event
One single event that will fully prepare you and your team for next few months of massive working online and in the field
1000+ Network Marketers from 30+ countries are expected to attend
  • Deepak Bajaj’s one session can totally change the mindset of any person. He can make people laugh and cry in the same program, inspiring them to be a different person altogether.

    - Rahul Chanda, Pharmaceuticals Sales & Marketing, Faridabad

  • I had one life before 15th July 2017 and one after that. That was the day when I attended Deepak Bajaj’s training program. My mom and I got a new life that day. The impact of his training programs is magical and everyone who attends his programs comes out transformed as a different person

    - Nitu Jindal, Senior Lecturer, Sirsa (Haryana)

  • I was stuck in my business due to some emotional barriers. I got all my solutions by attending Deepak Bajaj’s workshop. 

    - Manoj Kumar 

    • I came to know how to transform my life by attending Deepak Bajaj’s workshop.

    - Satender Prasad, Gujarat

  • From a motorcycle, I am driving a 20 Lac rupees car today because of Deepak Bajaj’s training. His training got an unbelievable impact on me and 1000s of my teammates.

    – Nishant Chaudhary, Telecom

  • I got the solution to be ever happy in life in Deepak Bajaj’s event.

    - Prema, Delhi

  • Everyone who attends your sessions falls in love with you; I am not an exception. When I went for your first training program and that very day I took the path of entrepreneurship. What is different about you from all other speakers is that you inspire everyone from deep within to take action. 

    - Ashish Chadha, IT professional, Gurgaon

HUGE 80% Discount on Unleash The Champion In You
More changes have happened in the Direct Selling industry in past one year than what has happened in last more than 20 years. 

Old ways of working are not wrong but they are not giving results anymore. Actually, habits and behavior of people have totally changed in the last few years and if people have changed.

Direct Sellers should also change. Most of the Direct Selling leaders and teams are loosing and struggling because they don’t know how to handle this change.

This unique event has been designed and will be delivered Live by Deepak Bajaj to give you everything you need to accelerate your business at crazy speed in this Covid world

This event will prepare you and your team for big Results and business Multiplication by giving you right Mindset, Skillset and Toolset for effective online and offline working.

This event is like a compulsory Vaccine for every Direct Seller and their teams immediately.
HUGE 80% Discount on Unleash The Champion In You
​FAQ  (frequently asked question)
Will this event be Online or Offline?
  • This event will be totally Online.
Will there be breaks or event will be continuous?
  • We will have 3 breaks – two for refreshments and one for lunch
Will there be any workbook?
  • Yes. A scientifically designed Event workbook will be mailed to you prior to the event. You will work page by page as per instructions of Deepak Bajaj during the entire event.
Can multiple people attend on one single ID?
  • No. Only one entry is permitted per registered email ID. If you share your registered ID will somebody else and if they enter before you, you will not be able to enter the event.
Will there be any discount if I attend with my team?
  • Yes. We have amazing discounts and offers when teams register together. 1000s of teams are attending this event from around the world. Call our Customer Relationship Officers for the best offers.
How long the special discount offers are valid?
  • Special offers are only for a limited period and can be withdrawn at any time. So it is always advisable to make a decision fast and avail the benefit.
Who should attend this event?
  • If you are in Direct Selling you must attend this event whatever is your current income, team size or experience in this business. From beginners to middle-level to top-level leaders, you will get such incredible tools and techniques that you would have never got before. You will get amazing benefit even if you are a Part-timer or Full-timer.
I am not sure if online program gives results?
  • If you are saying this, then you have not yet attended Deepak’s Online event. Deepak is a master NLP practitioner who has trained with the world’s best trainers and coaches in the USA, Europe, Singapore, and Bangkok. His unique methodology and teaching style will surprise you. All his events have been designed for Fast Results and Lasting Transformation. See it to believe it. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the lowest prices ever.
I have just started Direct Selling business. Will this event help me also?
  • Definitely, this event will help you. You cannot build a big business in 2021 with old tools and strategies. You are lucky to get this event at this stage. This event will speed up your success. Register right away. 
Will this event help Part-timers?
  • Yes. This event has so many tools, skills, and strategies that will help part-timers in building a big business.
Will the program work for every company?
  • All Deepak’s work – books, videos, online courses, live events are universal in nature and have been designed to give excellent results for every company, product or income plan. Last 3 years Deepak has been working for Direct Selling industry. Learnings from this event will not conflict with any other training system you are following.
Will this event be recorded or can I watch the replay???
  • No. This is a Live event. No recording or replay will be available after the event.
Should I enroll my team also in this?
  • You must attend this event with your full team. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. Everything you want your team to learn has been covered in this event. Imagine all your teammates will develop faith on the industry and learn all knowledge, tools, skills and techniques to build a big business together.
Should I enroll my team also in this?
  • You must attend this event with your full team. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. Everything you want your team to learn has been covered in this event. Imagine all your teammates will develop faith in the industry and learn all knowledge, tools, skills, and techniques to build a big business together.

    You cannot build a big business without a big team. If you think you will learn first and then train your team, it will take you so many months to train each and every member of your team on these things. Time is money. All your teammates will have the latest tools and strategies in one shot in one single day directly by Deepak Bajaj himself. 

    Big discounts are available for bulk tickets. Attend with a full team. Call our Customer Relationship Officers for the best offers now.

What is the next step after making the payment?
  • You will receive confirmation from our payment gateway partner as soon as you make the payment. Your registration is confirmed as you make the payment. You will get other instructions and GST invoice within 2-3 working days of making the payment. 

    Deepak highly recommends that you should attend this event with everyone on your team. So share this event with maximum people as soon as you register yourself.

What time will the registration start?
  • The event will start sharp at 10 am. Entry to the event will start around 9.00 am. You need to enter the event room latest by 9.30 am. Entry will not be allowed after 9.30 am. 

Will the content in this event be different from YouTube or books?
  • You can never compare the magic of live events with YouTube videos or books. Transformation is unbelievable in live events. Just imagine if Deepak’s free videos provide so much value, how much transformation you get in this Live event. This is going to be a next-level event that cannot be explained in words. 

    Most of the people who attend Deepak’s Live events are amazed and thrilled with what they get in these events. Many of our participants have realized that there was one life before Deepak’s event and another totally different life after the event.

When will I start seeing the results?
  • In all our events, we had got hundreds of participants who started seeing results right during the event. Actual results vary from person to person, but Deepak has been doing this for more than 14 years and has already trained 10 lakh plus Direct Sellers. His experience, skills, and style bring excellent results in every event.

I am not sure if I should take this or not?
  • If you are happy with your current income, career, leadership level, social influence, business growth, quality of life, and what your future looks like, then please don’t attend. But if you feel you deserve much bigger and faster achievements and a much better quality of life, then you must come for this event.

    If your concern is money that you will be paying as an event fee, then understand this very simple point- All smart people look at Return on Investment for every investment they make. Whatever amount of money you are investing in this event, if you feel you can recover the same in the form of extra income in the next few months, then it’s a great deal. Go for it right now.

Once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Lowest prices ever for Deepak’s Live event. Take you and your team to next level instantly.
HUGE 80% Discount on Unleash The Champion In You
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