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  • • Have got training from the world's best trainers and coaches in USA, Europe, Singapore, Bangkok & India

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  • •   Featured in various magazines including the cover of a prestigious magazine

  •  Josh talk speaker

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 Featured on one of the Top Publishing Magazines of India

Gave One of the Most Viewed Video on Prestigious platform - JOSH TALKS

Awarded as BEST DEBUT AUTHOR in the Year 2018 
Awarded by Sh. Som Prakash, Union Minister for Industries & Commerce, Govt. of India 
Invited for an expert group discussion on Direct Selling in the Era of Social Media by IDSA at Hyderabad 

Invited for an expert group discussion on Direct Selling in the Era of Social Media by IDSA at Hyderabad

What You will Get Inside Mega Webinar

 It Will be Conducted Only For   Exclusively One-Tim 
  • The secret psychology of how brands have successfully established authenticity in the minds of people and after knowing all the secrets ultimately you will build your own brand & sell them your products you just want to.
  • Through My 2 decades of experience, I will share the effective strategies in creating brands that have worked in generating big revenue for me and my other clients.

  • Without Any investment in social media, Go from zero to hero in 5 easy steps on social media

  • The cheatsheet which will tell how  Mercedes, Apple & McDonalds have built their powerful brand on social media platforms.

  • The Social Media Universal model which is easy to implement and works for everyone everywhere and will boost your direct selling business

  • The Top-techniques to create a legit brand like Amazon or myntra.

  • The method and frameworks to showcase your brand in the right way to your right audience.

  • Communication is the result-oriented strategy so with proper amazing 5 steps you will know How to communicate your brand to the world in a more effective way.

  • People can buy anything if you worked through my frameworks in establishing your brand in the minds of people.

  • Correct analysis on How to check if your branding strategy is working right or not and thus working on never-failing strategies

  • And many other Pro Social media tricks and hacks for the world of direct sellers

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  • In the heart of people, you will earn respect. Because after attending you will no longer be a common direct seller in the market. You will become a brand in selling that too with trust.

  • You will be at ease on daily list expansion as people will be approaching themselves to you. After all from Whom would you like to invest your hard-earned money in purchasing wi-fi for your home? Airtel or local internet service provider? Without a doubt, The Authentic Brand in the market, Airtel!
  • The potential of closing many clients at one time because through social media marketing, as you can hit on billions of people altogether & I myself have generated a large amount of money in selling through it.

  • The leadership qualities in social media will work for you like a fortune of life as personal branding works as a catalyst to sell anything because people like to purchase from humans, not strangers or hard-pitchers.

  • You will become a Time-Saving Ninja which will help you to retain more people for your direct selling business with your elite personal brand on social media platforms.
You name it & we have every query solved inside the training  
-When you will know to justify your price & product with trust to people.
-You will never ever face any difficulty to sell. 
-And This is only possible when people have a bond of trust with you 

-Believe me, then all your products automatically will become their need. I am sorry I can’t reveal all my secrets   and learning here because I need passionate people to excel in their life.

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